Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 3 – The backlash??

Having always given willing persons the opportunity to express themselves, we here at have noted with concern, the controversy that has been brewing for the past few days, mainly directed at those who accepted the opportunity to blog live for us at Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 3.
Our commentary of FWTT 3 was balanced, as it sought to make commentary, without attacking personalities. Additionally, we sought to get both sides of the story, and so in our upcoming video interviews with Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago management personnel, you will understand the overall plan around which the event has been developed.
We will always seek to push the bar as to what should be expected from all parties involved in the fashion industry, including ourselves, and we wish to continue inviting all persons with an interest in fashion to take up the opportunity to write for us and express your views. We however, do wish to advise that personal attacks on any fellow fashion stakeholder will not be allowed. Our focus is on fashion and making fashion viable.
Finally we would like to thank Darcel de Vlugt for putting herself on the firing line to blog on our behalf, voicing her views and her opinions. We would also like to thank Jaumark Pierre for his analyses on a nightly basis, which was done on camera and are yet to come. In all our efforts, we seek to help to make us all better as a regional industry.
Thank you and keep viewing and reading for more FWTT3 photos of collections and video analysis of each night’s presentation.
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