LIVE from Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago – Night 1 @ Hyatt

8:27pm and we are still waiting for something to happen. We are sitting in darkness and silence, with people still arriving and passing down the row…

8:28pm – Cutting Edge Begins with Claudia Pegus!

The first model walks down the runway in a gold and black lamé  bikini and a dramatic length yellow head scarf to the tune “Audrey (Sugar Bum)” by Lord Kitchener…

Silk is the order of the day it seems with brightly printed kaftans and classic sleeves. Sequins (in black) have added a special touch of “bling” to the beachwear as well as elements of beading and other embellishment around the neckline.

A nice twist on the kaftan has just graced the runway as the model turned to reveal a deep cowl back on an otherwise traditional beach kaftan.

Shades of blue, yellow and pink intersperse with the bright prints of Claudia Pegus’ beachwear, as the models walk barefoot and holding their shoes for a relaxed feel,with old kaiso as the music of choice for this show.

Hair is pulled back off the face and in high ponytails, some poker-straight and others backcombed and tousled, with very rosy cheeks and dramatic berry, wine and plum shades on the lips.

Accessories include large sunglasses, equally large hoop earrings, gold bangles and statement rings.


Onto Radical Designs designer Diane Hunt with a menswear line. Opening outfit is a pink striped shirt with khaki coloured trousers. As the models continue to walk down the runway, it seems that the magenta theme is in full force with this collection – we even spotted an incredibly fuchsia pair of trousers!

A little bit of patchwork appliqué is evident on the shirts… but what is this? From a percussive section of music to a familiar riddim? Slightly incongruous, but okay, we’ll bite for now…

and this is why… Swappy has just come down the runway singing live! (Never mind that he is standing in front of the current model walking)… It seems that this show has turned into a performance indeed! Swappy does however get points for his well-fitting suit and stylish fedora hat!

Oh wow, now that Swappy’s performance is done the music has switched to some good ol’ tassa… perhaps we are travelling through every musical genre that Trinidad has to offer?

The show is over with a very form-fitting jumpsuit (very much appreciated by the ladies, it seems) in a washed-out denim – Diane Hunt has taken us through the desert on a safari and ended somewhere at sea, with very good construction and fit.


FIRST CHAPTER has opened with a dancer on the runway, performing to a very jazzy piece reminiscent of a blues bar in the 1940s.

The show has opened with models (male and female) wearing black (kaftan dress and shirts) with red, green and yellow in geometric shapes.

On a side note – the music is rather incongruous to the collection (more like an entirely separate entity – think A-Team or MacGyver soundtrack?) and the models’ facial expressions can only be described as… angry?

The music has now switched to 90s dance hit “Finally” by Cece Peniston – completely incongruous and took us all by surprise – meanwhile, the collection itself has not changed much, nor has the palette. Shift dresses are the order of the day for the women, and shirts carelessly tucked into jeans for the men.

Perhaps a little more of an editing eye should have been used when choosing these collections and pieces to present? The collection seems neverending with no change in tone when it comes to the clothing… The music however, has now switched to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”… What do you think?


Mario Lewis has opened with skateboarders on the runway… so far the collection is quite interesting with interesting cuts in denim and white cotton – a very casual street style is prevalent.

This is a very fun collection, with a very clear theme and a moving storyline. The denim jackets for the women are to die for, with lovely detailing on the shoulder and top-stitch. In the words of my fellow correspondent Jaumark Pierre: “He gets it.”


Onto Contours now. Again we have some old Trini music – calypso this time – a little Rudder anyone?

A clearly Indian sari-inspired white ensemble graces the runway first, swiftly followed by its complete opposite, a ra-ra skirt and tie top…

White is CONTOURS colour of choice for this collection.

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