Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 2010 Interview with talks to Rosemary Stone of Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago executive committee.
1)  Tell us about the history of Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago now in its 3 year.
For me fashion week needed to be started once I went to London Fashion Week in 1989 and got to understand how and why it worked and could work out for T&T as well. In 1990 I got the Express to sponsor three years of fashion weeks we called “Colour Me Caribbean”. Three years ago Dianne Hunt suggested we try for a real Fashion Week of Trinidad and Tobago and I joined her with Maria Farrell and Richard Young who had worked with me on Colour Me for the three years it existed. The rest, as they say, is history.
2)  When and where will fashion week be held this year?
The Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain June 2 – 6th and Coco Reef and Pigeon Point May 29th – 31st in Tobago.
3)  What is the theme of the event this year?
The theme is Magenta.
4)  What new features do you propose to have in Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago this year?
New features are a Buyers Gallery, teaching seminars during the day and wider audience participation as well as a thousand seats per night for a viewing audience.
5)  What is the process for designers who would like to show their pieces at FWTT this year?
Designers need to apply and be investigated to be selected.
6)  Is there a registration fee? If so how much?
There is no registration fee for local designers hwo have been chosen to show their collections.
7)  Can only Caribbean designers participate?
8 )  Will there be any celebrities this year? If So Who?
I know that several celebrities have been invited but whether they come depends on sponsorship and/or monies and tickets received.
9)  Give us an idea of what’s on the schedule this year.
Five evenings of 10 designer collections each night in Trinidad and two nights in Tobago.
10)  Besides exposure, what benefits do designers who showcase at FWTT receive?
Designers also learn how to prepare and show a collection and how to work in tandem with other people, such as hairstylists and makeup artists, in the industry to produce a good show.
11)  Typically how many media houses are normally present at FWTT?
The three main newspapers and other small production houses, five television stations who cover the event, about six Caribbean magazines send their writers and photographers and several Caribbean journalists who do the odd stories.
Last year three months after our show I saw one of the visiting journalists being interviewed on tv from Brazil and she said “I’ve just come from Trinidad Fashion Week and it was great.” What an advert!
12)  Are there going to be buyers at FWTT? If so what companies do they represent?
We have invited several from the other islands of Jamaica, Grenada, Dominican Republic and Barbados as well as local large shops we think should be selling local designers. What we get is a selection of supposedly interested people who, we hope, will begin the buying process.
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