REAL WOMEN…REAL BEAUTY: A Caribeña Perspective

A real woman is one of great strength, selflessness and integrity. She stands up to the best and bossiest of the lot and never compromises her beliefs. A beautiful woman is one whose looks transcend time, fashion fad or trend. She does not feel the need to bare-it-all for her beauty to be seen as it is evident in the way she speaks, the beliefs she represents and the fire that only a real beautiful Caribbean woman can exude. “No man ain’t no tes’ for she because she will put him in he place.”- Regina King, 27 year old HR Professional

Since the dawn of time, women have painted their faces and done various things to appear more aesthetically appealing. While little has changed in recent time, our perception of beauty has been molded to envision 5’10 lean, leggy beauties. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not taking away from these ladies but let’s face it…most of us can only aspire to this. I myself am only 5’5.

Maya Angelou describes the beauty of a woman as the fire in her eyes, and the flash of her teeth; the swing in her waist and the joy in her feet. PERFECT DESCRIPTION!
I did not think it appropriate for me to give a definition of beauty so I decided to consult the Facebook population to get a better idea of what it means to be a truly beautiful Caribbean woman.

Most say beauty is skin deep but I believe it’s both on the inside and out. Style, confidence, personality, pride and being real, speak beauty and the Caribbean woman knows how to effectively display all of these. Beauty is not about perfection but about knowing how to deal with the imperfections we all have. I am a beautiful Caribbean woman and I constantly strive to balance all of these – Kersha

In Trinidad we have a diverse culture and it shows in the beauty in our women. Being different in our own way is what makes us special – Louann

The best thing about being a beautiful Caribbean woman is our beauty is all natural and is elevated by our Caribbean style and culture. – Leslie-Ann

* Alana’s Image courtesy Cleon Henry

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