Awareness is the New Black; Meiling supports cancer

By Kathryn Nurse

And according to MSquared it’s the new gold, pink, plum, lavender, light blue, lime green and teal as well! Trinidadian designer Meiling is suggesting you wear your support for the fight against cancer where everyone can see it: on your chest! In February she launched the “Colours of Life” shirt as part of her MSquared line. The shirt blends fashion and awareness in a way that only Meiling can. Each colour represents a different type of cancer. We all are aware of pink being the colour of breast cancer, but this t-shirt includes the colours of support for various other cancers too. Gold is the colour for childhood cancers, teal is for ovarian cancer while lavender represents other gynaecological cancers, light blue is the colour for prostate cancer, lime green represents lymphoma and plum shows support for cancer caregivers.

The MSquared three-quarter sleeved black t-shirt brings all these hues together in an innovative way. The colours are represented in a series of fierce horizontal slashes across the front of the shirt which look like the clawing of a particular flamboyant and fashion forward jungle cat. When purchasing the
Colours of Life” shirt, not only will you be supporting a worthy cause, you will find yourself wearing a trendy item that places you squarely within the neon and tribal print trends that are currently taking the globe by storm. The length of the top makes it perfect to be worn with bright “jeggings” or dark jeans and bright platforms on a casual day. The top can also be dressed up when paired with a short neon tulip skirt and funky animal print heels.

But most importantly, all proceeds from the sale of the  “Colours of Life” T-shirt go towards the Trinidad & Tobago Cancer Treatment Foundation which was founded in 2007 with the goal to provide hope to and improve the quality of life of our citizens who suffer from cancer by providing access to treatment and care that are adequate, appropriate and safe.  Newly crowned Miss Trinidad and Tobago, LaToya Woods has lent her beautiful face to the cause as well modeling the “Colours of Life” shirt and wearing it at the launch.

Further information can be found here:,115154.html and by contacting Mark Ammon at 622-3957.

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