4 responses to “CFSTYLE wants your help to choose our new logo (UPDATE)”

  1. marit

    I like the first one best !

  2. karamel kiss

    IF you compare these logos with the current one…they are VERY weak.

    How come you all want to change, and have you all consulted with a visual communication professional?

    Companies that have such strong branding as the cfstyle we have come to know, respect, and follow, shouldn’t change their logo so drastically….and especially if the logos suggested are not as distinctive ;)

  3. Nonchalant Blog Reader

    Interesting comments Karamel Kiss. Are you a Brand Design consultant? Have you sat with the CF Style Team and consulted? What about the current brand indicates that the current iteration of the brand is within the demographic that CF Style currently supports?

    Nothing is wrong with what the team at CF are trying to do. And i’m sure the final version of this “rebranding” will be more tuned based on the comments posted here.

    But i’m just a supporter of the site and what they’ve contributed to local (if not regional) fashion thus far. I’m sure my comments are, at best, plebeian.

  4. Ron Biggums

    I have no problem with the logo being changed. I just want to know what significance the LEAF has to the organization or just the purpose. I like the color scheme, it seems new, hip and somewhat reminds me of a company going GREEN lol.. but i can agree somwhat with what karamel kiss said with the drastic change. maybe something that still maintains some elements from the old logo that people viewing can identify. But great designs. Cant wait to see what yall come up with.


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