Trendspotter – Antigua: Wool; Will this catch on?

These are the designs of Junay Powell,  whose product is made from wool. Our trendspotter says, “Ms. Powell, knits some of the most creative outfits out of wool ranging from bags to swimsuits to actual outfits.  She is indeed too fashionable to be ignored any longer!”

What do you think ? Will this trend catch on?

Trendspotter : Antigua

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3 responses to “Trendspotter – Antigua: Wool; Will this catch on?”

  1. Sophia

    Definitely hott!! Creativity at one of its best!

  2. Claudia

    She is a talented individual. She will go far in life. Her creativity always captivate us. I love her designs :-)

  3. shelly phillip

    am loveing the style it;s really sweet!!!

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