Tech Trendy: Google Nexus One

Well Google has just stepped up the smart phone wars with the launch of the Nexus One. It has been described as ” the fastest and most elegant smartphone on the market today”.

Features -

  • Touch Screen -  3.7 inch 480 x 800 OLED  touchscreen  and 3D graphics
  • 11.5 mm deep
  • 130 grams
  • Removable battery
  • 4 GB Micro SD storage card (expandable to 32 GB),
  • USB charger and microphone headset
  • It has four functional touch buttons at the bottom of the screen (back, menu, home, search) and a navigation trackball pointing device.
  • Officially the phone has up to 7 hours talk time, 250 hours standby, 5 hours of 3G Internet use, 7 hours of video playback and 20 hours of audio playback.

It is available here at An unlocked GSM version of the phone that will work in most countries is $529 USD.

So will you ditch your So will you ditch your iphone for google…hmmmm

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