Tips for “expanding” your wardrobe – A female view

So what are some of the basic rules into making the most out of your wardrobe?
what-to-wear- Some of us think we have nothing to wear and have no idea how to mix and match. These tips will help you to make it seem like you have the world of clothes:

1) Know the neutral colors that go with anything, black is not the only neutral color. Denim, white, black, tan, khaki, and brown are all neutrals. You can even mix neutrals. For example you can wear a tan jacket with black pants.

2) It is not necessary to match your purse with your shoes. Feel free to use a pop of color to accentuate your outfit. Primary colors are the best i.e. red, yellow, and blue.

3)Always purchase quality material that will give you the longest wear out of your clothing. Think of it as an investment. Have fewer quality pieces that can give you a better range for mixing.

4) Always purchase items that never go out of fashion e.g. a plain black pencil skirt.

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