You’ve Just Nailed It!!!

Passion for Neon We’ve enjoyed the wonderful weather of the tropics and felt the burn of the afternoon’s sun. However, when it comes to fashion, the sun’s heat almost pales in comparison to the caliente factor offered up by the neon colored nail polish trend.

Rihanna, Cassie, and Jordin Sparks are just some of the style mavens that have been donning these eye-catching hues. The much clamored for Chanel Robertson Boutique Exclusive Nail Polishes, are miles beyond gorgeous. It’s all about exclusivity with this limited edition collection which boasts nail polishes with names such as Rodeo Drive, Melrose, LA Sunrise and LA Sunset. Check out their website to add your name to the waiting list (since they seem to be in limited quantity).

However, if you’re not into the Chanel thing, there is always an alternative in the form of Essie Nail polish. With fun names like Bermuda shorts, Mini Shorts, Short Shorts, and Shorty Pants, these polishes will most definitely set you apart from the crowd.

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