5 responses to “Exclusive – Behind the Scenes with designer Heather Jones for FWTT and CFW”

  1. Jacqui Koon How

    Heather Jones is the most prolific designer in the Caribbean. She has just started her climb…the sky is the limit …her zenith is boundless

  2. Chrisan

    Heather Jones is the BOMB and I hope I will become a great designer like her one day. I also pray that God will be with her and she will find room for Him in her live.

  3. Kriss-Ann

    awesome designs, look the kool looks. hope u cont’d 2 do more

  4. Marcelle

    I would Like to see Heather dress the First Lady of the US. Mrs. Obama has the flare to
    carry off Heather’s gowns.

  5. claudio williams

    fantastic work miss Jones my eyes, and the world is focus on your lovely design, keep up the good work

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