Workplace fashion do’s and don’ts

As we are approaching the eye of the economic storm, the culture at the workplace is changing. What are some do’s and don’ts for office wear? Can you guess which is an office don’t?

1. Men, please wear a tie at all times.

2. Wear a jacket with those jeans on casual Friday.

3. Always match your tie with your belt.

4. Wear skirts that are just above or below the knee. Modesty at the workplace is definitely in!

5. Male executives must always wear dark or grey suits.


1. Denim is never allowed from Monday to Thursday, and for teachers, never.

2. Distracting jewelry is a no-no.

3. Never wear ill-fitting clothes. Skirts that are too tight or jackets that are too big say something about you. Your clothes must fit you well and be wrinkle free.

4. Never wear heavily logoed clothing. One designer bag is fine.

5. Never wear flip-flops.

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