SCORCH – Carnival Kit


SCORCH is blazing up de scene! A magazine released by CEO Kwesi Hopkinson and his highly skilled team has captured the hearts of all in Trinidad and Tobago. Whether you’re a 15 year old ¬†convent girl or a 55 year old doublesman(yeah George in Woodbrook could be about dat) you can’t help but roll over laughing at some of the hilarious pieces in all 10 issues.

SCORCH has single handedly captured the essence of Trini pop culture. The bacchanal, the energy of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, the super sexy models, the fetes and of course, in its latest issue the CARNIVAL. The magazine has also earned the respect of its readers through its realistic approach to public issues ranging from the rising crime rate as seen in interviews with real criminals to politics and the economy to the plastic surgery craze. Although not a, let’s say, traditional approach, many of the magazine’s following can truly identify with its unique approach.

Beside its edginess and sexiness, what’s most apparent to me is that SCORCH is simply fun to read. What’s even more astounding is that the magazine is FREEEEEEEEEE! What more can we ask for except perhaps a trini horscope column?
Congratulations to the SCORCH team and their fantastic work, I’m sure I don’t speak for myself only when I tell you I cannot wait for the 11th issue.
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