Caribbean Fashion Awards – Nominees Announced was happy to be a part of the process that allowed everyone to submit an entry via our site to nominate their choice for the Caribbean Fashion Awards.

The Nominees have been announced and are as follows:

Caribbean Female Runway Model
Tennille Stoute  (Barbados)
Sara Collins  (Barbados)
Jaunel Mckenzies (Jamaica)
Gaye Mcdonald   (Jamaica)
Sunna Gottshalk   (Jamaica)

Caribbean Male Runway Model
Oraine Barnett (Jamaica)
Russell Wilkinson (Trinidad)
Kenwyn Millington (Trinidad)
Andre Clarke (Barbados)
Tafari Hinds (Jamaica)

Caribbean Female Photo Model
Tennille Stoute (Barbados)
Jaunel Mckenzies (Jamaica)
Latoya Woods (Trinidad)
Gaye Mcdonald (Jamaica)
Sunna Gottshalk (Jamaica)

Fashion Photographer
Dave Cox
Calvin French
Don Thompson
Rick Wayne
Maxim Brown

Caribbean Hairstylist
Carlos Eversley (Barbados)
Criag Carter (Barbados)
Bally ( Trinidad)
Adzil Stewart (Barbados)
Allison Sutherland (St Vincent)

Caribbean Make-Up Artist
Kirk Thomas (Trinidad)
Greg Williams (Barbados)
Sandra Hoddad (Trinidad)
Miyako Johnson (St Lucia)
Paulla Desouza (Guyana)

Caribbean Fashion Designer Award

Female Designer
Claudia Pegus (Trinidad)
Kuumba Designs (St Lucia)
Michelle Cole (Guyana)
Heather Jones (Trinidad)
Pat Blackman (Barbados)

Male Designer
Kingsley Thorne (Barbados)
Francis Hendy (Trinidad)
Robert Young (Trinidad)
Avark (Barbados)
Mill House (Trinidad)

Fashion Magazine Cover
She Caribbean (St Lucia)
Posh Caribbean (St Thomas USVI)
Shebeau (Barbados)
Caribbean Belle (Trinidad)
Panache Ja Magazine (Jamaica)

Best Fashion TV Programme/ Fashion Show or Fashion Week
Barbados Amateur Model Search (Barbados)
Caribbean Model Search (Jamaica)
Synergy Super Model (Trinidad)

Best Fashion Show or Fashion Week attended
Islands Of the world Fashion Week (Bahamas)
Trinidad Fashion Week (Trinidad)
ACF Fashion Weekend (Barbados)
Caribbean Fashion Week (Jamaica)

Upcoming Designer Award
Toni Thorne (Barbados)
Andrew Harris (Guyana)
Jaumark Pierre (Trinidad)
Sha Creations (St Lucia)
Tamika Browne (St Vincent)

Country Designer Award

Pat Braithwaite
Pauline Bellamy
Andre King

St Vincent
Kimya Glawslow
Kimon Baptistes
Deb E. Barbour

St Lucia
Kummba Designs
Sha Creation
Shazi International

Trinidad & Tobago
Zed & Eastmond
Claudia Pegus
Mill House

Special Awards

Caribbean Icon Awards
Coming Soon

Industry Achievement
Coming Soon

Caribbean Male Photo Model
Oraine Barnett (Jamaica)
Kenwyn Millington (Trinidad)
Richard Elms (Barbados)
Luck Rebeiro (Trinidad)

Check out the Caribbean Fashion Awards website for more Information here.

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