Women who “Never Give Up” are always in style!

We all have character building moments in our lives. Disappointing episodes that shape who and what we are, until we find what motivates us to press on. In the spirit of perseverance Ohio based Fashion Designer, Diane Linston created a premium women’s active brand titled N.G.U.; that represents an inner spirit women have to never give up.

Fashion Designer, Dian Linston explains, “I’m excited about presenting the N.G.U. collection during New York Fashion Week. I want to inspire women to believe in their dreams. So when a woman wears N.G.U. Designs… perseverance is something that she will always think about. N.G.U. which means ‘Never Give Up’, believe in your dream, and go for your dream!”

The N.G.U denim lifestyle collection debuted during New York Fashion Week at the Rogues Gallery Presents market week showcase. This is a ready-to-wear line that is manufactured using high quality denim fabric; with innovative designs that contour the female physic. The styles are unique, savvy and racy for women who live an active lifestyle. During the presentation the models moved fluidly in each garment without a hint of restriction that can occurs in form fitted denim garments. The N.G.U designs are available is sizes 6 through 28, and retails between, $120.00 to $200.00.

“You will notice that N.G.U. Designs, will always have a type of embellishment such as rhinestones, buckles and studs. N.G.U. is not plain or simple; it is high pace fashion for active women who want to be jazzy and sophisticated. And my logo is a clever female fox that winks one eye. That’s a personal character trait from me. The fox represents perseverance because foxes have persistence in their character. They’re clever and they never give up. And that is being foxy!”, replies Linston.

Linston’s design studio is called Styles of Imagination and is located in Maple Heights, Ohio. Her denim collection can be found in fifteen stores throughout the US and she plans to expand into more boutiques. Linston uses the N.G.U. brand to embellish her motivation for women. Diane Linston has been honored by the Phenomenal Foundation for her many positive contributions within the community. Linston also received recognition from Cleveland based Proyecto Luz organization, for volunteering time and fashions during a benefit fundraiser for Aids awareness. Linston volunteers her time at various schools during Dress for Success, and career council events in Cleveland, Ohio. She speaks to women in transition about how to dress, and mentors at organizations like Junior Achievement, the NAACP mentoring program. Linston also sits on the fashion design advisory board for Women of Making Moves organization, at Virginia Marti College. Linston is well respected in her community as she takes a grass-roots approach towards marketing the N.G.U. brand …with the tenacity of a fox. Diane Linston is proof that to “Never Give Up” is what’s always in style.

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