BEAUTY BUZZ: Making It Last

Makeup Artist Renee-Liza shares what Caribbean brides want to know about their makeup

“Will it last?” seems to be the question on every bride’s mind. They’re not talking about their relationship however – that’s for different kind of professional to handle; they are talking about their makeup! With our Caribbean skin, that tends to be a bit on the oily side, and the humid climate working against us, this question is ever pressing. Fear not brides and bridesmaids! There are ways to keep your bridal look fresh and flawless from “I do” until the very last dance.


The trick to keeping your makeup looking freshly applied all day comes down to two things: product and application. Even if you don’t have oily skin, for occasions where you want your makeup to stay put, use oil-free and waterproof products. This includes what you put on your face before your makeup, like your moisturizer and primer. Use an oil-free, mattifying moisturizer and a primer with less silicone content in it to keep your makeup from looking greasy. Use oil-free foundation, waterproof liners and mascara and kiss-proof lip color, or lip stain for makeup longevity. Eye shadows that are high in pigment are recommended, as they don’t fade as quickly. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean a bright eye shadow or an extremely dark one – unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for. High pigment can be a very light neutral color, but it will be a little more intense and long lasting than regular shadows.

While using the right products will definitely give you an edge on combating humidity, makeup application is equally important. Based on occasion makeup applications vary. There are steps you can include in applying your makeup that you may not use when doing your everyday makeup, but will help your makeup to last for special events such as weddings.


Here are just a few tips you can try while applying your makeup to stay flawless:

  • Wash face right before you apply your makeup with an oil-free cleanser. Tone with a toner, or astringent for oily skin. This strips away any oil build up and gives you a clean canvas to start with.
  • After applying your moisturizer and primer, blot off excess oil with a tissue or oil-absorbing sheet before applying your foundation.


  • Do your eyes first! Doing your eye makeup before the rest of your face helps you to look fresher, longer. The foundation applied after will also neaten up the eye area, covering up any eye shadow that may have fallen or smudged, giving you a more professional look.
  • When it comes to traditionally applied foundation versus airbrushed, the reviews are mixed. In my personal experience, traditional versus airbrush works differently for everyone depending on their individual skin type. A trial is highly recommended. Test out both methods before the big day with your MUA or at home.
  • If you are opting for airbrush makeup, an oil-free silicone-based foundation is said to stand up to humid climates better than water-based airbrush makeup.  The traditional method can also be very long lasting and just as flawless. Applying with a brush gives more even coverage than your fingers or a sponge. Brush application also eliminates shine by avoiding the oil from your fingers. Apply foundation to your entire face including eyelids and lips to give the makeup something to hold on to, and make it last longer.
  • Press your face lightly with a tissue or oil-absorbing sheet after applying foundation to absorb excess oil from product. Then, using a sponge, press your powder into your T-zone before giving a final dusting of powder to entire face with a brush. This will help to absorb oil before it can even think about greasing up your super-fab bridal look!


With the right products and these easy and totally worthwhile steps added to your makeup routine, you can stride with confidence down that aisle! You will still need to touch up at some point, so don’t forget to walk with your powder, lipstick, eyeliner and oil absorbing sheets. Add a neatly folded paper towel in there too; it’s great for absorbing sweat and oil… and, of course, all those tears of joy!


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