MISSION CATWALK ‘KB’ Style – Season 2 Episode 3

Still feeling a bit disappointed in last week’s episode, I decide to take in this week’s episode (as the Trinis say) with a pinch of salt.

This week’s challenge: Design a garment inspired by 1920s flapper dance with a modern twist.


As added incentive the winner of this challenge gets two tickets to see Shaggy, Beenie Man, Machel Montano, Eve and Lauryn Hill live in concert. Both Ryan and Rebecca secretly agree to take the other when one of them wins. They are clearly quite confident in their design capabilities… *raised eyebrow*

Off to Pablos! *Sigh* the mere sight of this place literally depresses me…

Most designers gravitate towards neutral tones in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the 1920s, but of course Keshon cannot tame his desires to design “I Fashion Couture”.  He therefore selects pink sequined fabric, along with pink and white tulle.

*hides face*

Somewhere along the line Crystal Powell gets lost in the matrix, unable to find an attendant to help her select and cut fabric. As time progresses, a different side of Crystal comes out, leaving fellow store attendants and contestants not amused. Prissy much?

“Conservative in the front. Drama at the back!” This is how Janelle Forde describes the contrast between the high neckline front and deep V cut back of her garment.


Janelle Forde’s creation

As Keneea makes her rounds in the Singer Sewing Room she comes across Keshon struggling to get his garment onto the mannequin. (Clearly his dress is about two sizes too small.) She then advises him to make it bigger, fearing his model suffocates on the runway.

Let’s stay on Keshon for a bit… He finds the time to criticize EVERYONE, which brings me to the realization that he ‘hates’ on anyone whose work is better than his. He needs to ease up on the haterade

Designers go all out regarding styling and props for this week’s runway presentation. Rebecca Stirm even has her model puff smoke from her cigarette as she turns at the end of the runway. Interestingly a number of designers aren’t pleased with their finished product. Their self-critique basically speaks for great designs but poor execution.

Kerin Scott, Shannon Kwong, Janelle Forde, Janel Jolly and Shellane McFarlane are safe. Crystal Powell eloquently describes her design and the judges lap up every word. She wins this week’s challenge as she successfully combines the aesthetic of 1920’s and 2012. Coming in a close 2nd is Kesia Estwick followed by Rebecca 3rd, and Ryan Chan 4th.


Crystal Powell’s winning look


Kesia Estwick’s look came in 2nd place

It all comes down to Keshon and Maria King-Beadle, who both completely missed the objective of the challenge.


 Keshon and Maria were the bottom two for this challenge

Maria’s design is described as ‘carnival-like’ by one of the judges while another states that Keshon’s model looks “like a troll”. Keshon defends his design stating he went for a “rich, classy and elegant look”.  After Novia McDonald-Whyte tells him: “Keep your rich socialite home”, he changes his tune to “Disco Vintage Barbie Doll with a long nice mermaid tail”. (More like La Diablesse to me)


Keshon Hawthorne’s look missed the mark


 Keshon Hawthorne tries to defend his look on the runway

Eventually 42-year-old Maria is eliminated.


Maria Beadle’s look had her sent home

Until next week, fashionistas!


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