HELP – What Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

There are tons of makeup brush collections out there and it can get confusing for anyone.

There are kabuki-styled brushes, goat-haired, synthetic bristled, eco-friendly types, duo fibre types… the list goes on and on.  I can fully understand the look of utter confusion on some of your faces!



  • Quality over Quantity
  • Bristles Type – Natural or Synthetic
  • Cost Factor



Most makeup wearers really don’t need to own a 23-brush set.  In most cases, I would always advise to keep it simple and get the pieces that take up the most amount of time.  In this case I would focus on owning four main brushes:


Large Powder Brush



Flat Eyeshadow Brush



Blending Eyeshadow Brush



Blush Brush



Natural or Synthetic?

What do these two terms mean?  Natural refers to brushes that contain bristles that are natural (think human hair), softer to the touch and apply powder and pigment products the best.  Synthetic brushes, however, are mainly used to apply creams and liquid products quite seamlessly on the face.


Thanks to technology, there have been advancements and we now have the ability to choose more eco-friendly options.



It’s quite possible to find some deals on high-quality brushes; I would advise you to look for brushes of quality as opposed to cheap ones.  Good brushes are worth their weight in gold, as they not only apply makeup best; they can also last for years if cared for properly.


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