A CFstyle favourite, PASSIONFRUIT DESIGNS will be retired following the first week of April 2012. Designer Bernadette Bedard, who brought the brand to the forefront on Caribbean catwalks and made the name PASSIONFRUIT DESIGNS synonymous with sexy, eye-catching swimwear posted the following via Facebook earlier this evening:

‘I’m officially firing my boss – aka myself… All orders will be closed as of Sunday April 8th, 2012… as I endeavor to make a real difference in people’s lives from a health and financial perspective…’

Ms. Bedard, who battled cancer in late 2011, says that she will now be putting 100% of her efforts into her new business, Visalus, which has led to the conclusion of the PASSIONFRUIT DESIGNS chapter. Learn more about her journey from November until now by watching this video:

While we fully support Bernadette Bedard in her future endeavours, we would also like to congratulate and salute both the designer and the brand for bringing a unique flavour to swimwear as we know it… It was bloody terrific while it lasted!

(We will, however, be keeping our fingers crossed for a return to the fashion arena in due time!)

Learn more about VISALUS by visiting the PASSIONFRUIT DESIGNS Facebook page

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