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elizabeth_horrell We welcome back Elizabeth Horrell – businesswoman based in Ontario Canada, image consultant and former model. After showing us how to Keep It Simple, Liz returns to for more insight into the fabulous world of fashion!


I’ve always loved fashion! As a teen I would find myself taking up a permanent spot on our couch, gazing through fashion magazines. I longed for the day that I’d be able to afford some of the things I saw. Disappointingly, the day came when I was faced with the harsh reality: only a small demographic could actually afford what magazines so meticulously advertise.  Needless to say, I was NOT in that demographic.

Well it’s funny how life sends you down winding roads, sometimes leading you to a place where dreams can actually become reality. I worked in retail for many years and it has blessed me with some unique insights. Like a sponge, I soaked up all the fashion knowhow I could, and now I’m truly reaping the rewards. One such insight is the difference between “wholesale” and “retail” price. My whole outlook on fashion changed when I understood this, and now I’m able to share these insights with you.

Tip #1

Know that the item you are paying x amount for is marked up, sometimes as much as 300%.  Do you think it’s worth that much? I sure don’t!  With patience, know that it WILL go down in price. Know that after a while retailers are forced to put their merchandise on sale to accommodate newer styles and inventory. Now, if you must get said item, i.e. for a special occasion like a wedding, then by all means make exceptions based on your budget. Retailers thrive on impulse purchases; they want you to want it NOW, and in this case the early bird does not always catch the worm [the worm being the best price].

Tip #2

Ask the attendant to write down the store’s phone number, also the item number for you and check to see if the store does special orders or store transfers. You are doing this to ensure that if your size is sold out, you are still ABLE to order it from another store. With that valuable info in hand, you’ve now increased your chances of acquiring that item at a better price.  Wait a week or two, and check back or call the store. Chances are the price would have decreased 15%, maybe even 20% or more. In this case, you will have not only saved yourself at least the tax, but quite possibly a bit more. That extra 15 or 20 dollars in your pocket can easily go towards a new accessory.

Now this may not be applicable to a smaller store like a boutique that sells only one or two of the particular items. In that case, find out how long the store can hold an item for you or if they have a lay-away plan. If all else fails, and if you really think you need to buy it, then buy it. My goal is never to make you unhappy, but to help you save money and look fabulous doing it.

Tip #3

Depending which island or country you live in, certain times of the year are great times for bargain shopping; capitalize on those times. I’ve found in my experience that April and October are great times to shop. Items are marked down to accommodate new merchandise, so depending on where you live, pay close attention to the time of the year that stores are inclined to mark their clothing down.

With these three simple tips, anyone can look fabulous, on a Fabulously Frugal budget!

My promise to you is this: I’m committed to sharing all my hard-earned knowledge with you, and I’m always available for a face-to-face or virtual consult.  Feel free to email me at

(By the way,I live by what I preach; I’m living Fabulously Frugal and so can you!!!)




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8 responses to “Living Fabulously Frugal – Elizabeth Horrell”

  1. Madge

    My interest is in size 2x summer suits.

  2. Fern Chase

    This lady rocks!!! Seriously! You know, the one writing this article – Living Fabulously Frugal. As per usual Lady Liz, Loving it!!!


    As always………excellent excerpt……i know exactly what you are saying! I join with you and I too am Fabulously Frugal…………… is all in the confidence….:)Love it Bella

  4. Lesli

    Girl, I’m so proud of you and your achievements. I’m a bargain hunter and a sales rack shopper. That’s my first point of entry in the stores. Keep up the good work and great insights for the fashion conscious. Blessings

  5. Elizabeth Horrell

    Thank you guys for the warm and encouraging sentiments. It’s good to hear that you guys are also living Fabulously Frugal, really, anyone can do it. If there are any topics you would like me to write about please feel free to list them here or email me at @ Madge, please email me and I will do my best to guide on the path to finding those suits.

  6. Summerose

    I am a diva living faboulously frugal. People think I pay a lot for the quality of my attires. Please.. If you know good quality products when you spot them on sale you get them when you can. Then you must know how to put them together n that too is an art given to some.

  7. Angela Joseph

    Fabulously frugal….totally in line with my lifestyle. Great work as usual Elizabeth!!!

  8. Fayva

    Fabulous frugal tips!!! Thanks Liz :)

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