The basic formula on how to “keep it simple”

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As we come to the last instalment of this three part series on how to “keep it simple”, I’ll share with you a basic formula on how to implement clothing items into our everyday wardrobe.

The key to “keeping it simple” is not to be too trendy. Trends come and go; what you are aiming for is a wardrobe that can last you a while. Every 6 months remember to update your white and black pieces and keep colour consistent in your wardrobe. Your “keep it simple” basic formula consists of complementary pieces, interest pieces, accessories and must-haves.

A few examples of must-haves would be your basic dark jeans, black dress pants, a white blouse, the LBD (little black dress), a coloured cardigan and a simple top. An interest piece would be any clothing item that has a nice texture e.g., colour, sequins, shine or glitter to it. A complementary piece would be a waist coat, a trendy leather jacket, or any item that lends to layering your already basic outfit.  Your accessories would consist of belts, scarfs, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Remember to add a few trendy pieces here and there, but try to keep your look classic.

For the business professional, you will need key investment pieces; they may not come cheap, but durability and style is what you’re aiming for. Your wardrobe should look something like this:

A black pair of dress pants (either straight leg pant or a tailored wide leg pant; a well-structured black blazer; black shift dress; a black ¾ length skirt; a classic white blouse; at least three inside pieces (e.g. tank tops); a printed blouse; and last but not least, accessories to match.  So basically a refined look is what you are aiming for!

For the University/College student, your wardrobe is all about comfort and versatility. Your budget may not allow you to have a huge wardrobe so being able to mix and match is key. Have at least three pairs of jeans to work with, stick with neutrals like black, blue and grey.  From there you can coordinate with key pieces such as cardigans, blazers, tanks, graphic tees, waist coats and light weight sweaters. Throw in a few maxi skirts; a popular trend this season is pleats. With these everyday staples, you are able to keep it simple, keep it comfortable and keep it affordable.

With these simple rules, you are well on your way to not only “keeping it simple”, but to having a complete and fabulous wardrobe.

college-wear glitz picture5 picture8 work-wear

I appreciate all the comments and look forward to your questions!

Stay tuned for the next topic, where we’ll be discussing how to achieve a “fabulously frugal wardrobe”.


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4 responses to “The basic formula on how to “keep it simple””

  1. Talitha

    Hi Bella Horrell, your pointers and tips are indeed very helpful. I know it has been a while since I wrote and for that, I decided to just remind you that I do read your articles and keep alert on what you have to offer. Great Work as usual….and muazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Can’t wait to see more! :)

  2. angela joseph

    Awesome! This weeks article should be printed by all and a must have on your next shopping trip. The advice this week totally reduces the stress of any readers next shopping trip. So easy to decide what you need on those clothing racks! Thanks Elizabeth!

  3. Shirlenn Robley

    Just what I’ve always needed….tips on the basic staple pieces that allow for easy versatlity without having to spend on too many different things….achieving the desired look- effortlessly…LOL I really love what you do, Liz. …I’ve always had a thing for simple yet classic looks..Psychology has taught me that colours can really affect your mood…Wasnt always daring to try ‘out-of-box- colour blocking’…But now with your hints and ideas, am well on my way :-D Very inspiring….

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