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Shoe Away My Blues

For those of you who may have missed the first article “Keep It Simple”, please be sure to check it out.  I wouldn’t want you to miss any information as we explore, through this series, ways on “Keeping It Simple” and looking fabulous, all on a budget.

So, you’re all excited about your new pair of shoes and all day long compliments are coming your way.  You’re back at home now and for the next four hours or so, pain like you’ve never felt before will be your new best friend… or enemy in this case.  I’m guessing some of you know only too well what I speak of: cute pair of shoes, unnecessary pain. For the next few minutes I will share with you simple tips on how to “Keep It Simple” and be comfortable.

Your second investment piece must be a great pair of shoes. Whether you are a business professional, student, or mom on-the-go, your feet need to be taken care of. For the business professional, you need shoes that demand some kind of attention. If you are going to wear five- or six-inch heels, look for those that have some kind of padding on the inside and maybe some ankle support. Be sure to carry an extra pair of shoes to work.  For example, ballet flats are great for sitting at your desk.  Remember, your feet need that special time-out. Heeled loafers and Mary Janes are a great look for the corporate world as well; try them with a classic pantsuit or pencil skirt and blouse.

Now you may ask, “Which colour should I purchase?” Like the bags, go with neutral colors, such as navy, brown, black, grey or tan; it’s all about creating balance. For example, if you are wearing navy shoes, you can complement it with tan pants, a red blouse and a navy belt or bag.  With this look, you have created a balanced chic look and stuck to the rule of “Keeping It Simple.” Remember to add some spice to your look as well for those days when you need a little pick-me-up. There are so many yummy colours to choose from. Look for oranges, blues, greens and yellows.

For students and moms on-the-go, your feet need just as much attention as the business professional. After all, you’re running around all day from class to class. And, moms, you are taking the kids here and there and are constantly on the move. You both can “Keep It Simple” by investing in a couple of pairs of comfortable shoes that you can mix and match.  I would recommend any one of these — a pair of ballet flats, a good pair of sneakers, oxfords, a medium to flat pair of boots, whether ankle or three-quarter.  These looks allow you to be versatile in your dress. You can also try ballet flats with some kind of jewelled embellishment to dress up your look. Purchase a pair of dress sneakers (not runners!); they look great with pants or skirts.

With these easy-to-implement tips, your feet are now on their way to comfort and style by “Keeping It Simple.”

Stay tuned for next week’s tip on how to “Keep It Simple.” 



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4 responses to “Shoe Away My Blues – Elizabeth Horrell”

  1. angela joseph

    I LOVE this article!
    I will totally take this advice of having some ballet flats. I am so guilty of being harsh to my feet, I.e very few of my shoes are less than 5 inches (but they are well padded) and I wear them to shop etc, I know its crazy LOL!. As a woman gets older things change, so from now on I would definitely share heels and flats time, depending on the schedule for the day. Thanks again to the author!

  2. Fayva

    Amazing tips :) you’re so right about your foot wear tips……i always say the wrong pair can ruin a good outfit….hmmm …..thanks for yet another good read, keep them coming.

  3. Lina James

    Shoes are one of favorite subjects next to Mary Kay! :-) Once again you are totally on point. I love super hot shoes, but no longer keep my feet in bondage to pain…lol. It may be difficult to find the right flats, but the search is worth it, your feet will love you, and there may be all kinds of other goodies you will find on the journey. Luckily, I am able to rock my killer heels all day long…it’s like a trademark now :-). Great job once again…Love it!!!

  4. Tanzy

    Great tips. U ate so right a great shoe can make a big difference

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