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lizhorrell-s Meet Elizabeth Horrell, an image consultant and personal stylist/shopper who has extensive experience in the fashion industry as both a model and a businesswoman. Follow her style tips every week here on CFstyle.com to enhance your personal style and keep it fabulously fashionable!

Ever wonder how certain celebrities always seem so put-together, as if their lives are a constant photo shoot?  They’re the ones that so many admire for their fashion sense because they “keep it simple,” but look oh-so-chic at the same time. The truth is, some of them do have personal stylists but, even so, there are trade secrets that these stylists use to achieve that perfect put-together look.  I’m here to share some of those with you, and let you know that anyone can achieve the same results … Oh, and did I mention “on a budget?” Let’s go!

My motto has always been “keep it simple.” Kim Kardashian is considered a style icon by many.  Kim knows how to “keep it simple” and look FAB doing it. Her staples have always been a great pair of pumps and a stylish bag to complete her look. Here are a few tips on “keeping it simple” and looking fashionable at the same time.

A great bag is a must-have; I call it an investment item. Whether you’re a business professional or a stay-at-home mom, you need a bag that can take you from 9 to 5.  Think about it, this bag really represents your home away from home.  In it you have a mini fridge: consisting of snacks, a water bottle, fruit, a health bar, etc. Then there’s the mini pharmacy: nail clippers, eyebrow pencil, compact, lipstick, hair brush, comb, body spray, lotion… the list goes on. Oh, and let’s not forget about your extra pair of shoes, a sweater, pocket book, cell, your Kindle and I’m pretty sure if I went on, I could find at least ten more items that take up permanent residence.  The point is, a reliable bag is what a busy woman needs to take her through her day.


Investing in a medium- to large-sized bag of good quality is essential. Top-handle bags or tote bags are great for every day, and they really help take the burden off your shoulders the way a shoulder strap bag won’t.  Now you may ask: what colour should I invest in?  Go for colours that will compliment most outfits, such as nude, black, navy or brown.  Also, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color for a bit of fun if you’re thinking of mixing things up a bit. Tangerine tango is a colour to most definitely add to your wish list this summer.  Its yummy hue is sure to put a little spice in your outfit.


With these simple tips, you’re on your way to not only “keeping it simple” but doing it with style.


Stay tuned for next week’s tip on how to “keep it simple”!

For more ideas on the right bag for you,  go to: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1338661

Elizabeth Horrell – Image consultant/Personal stylist/Personal shopper





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22 responses to ““Keep it simple” by Elizabeth Horrell”

  1. Gary

    Simple and effective article

  2. Liz

    Very nice site, congrats Elizabeth, you have done well……..

  3. Fayva

    A great Bag is indeed a must have to complete your look great read Elizabeth ……. thanks for the tips looking forward to next wks. post :)

  4. Shaina

    Great tips! I like the idea of a top handle bag… my purse always makes my shoulder hurt! Very nice!

  5. Vusae Thabz Sithole

    Your tips r pretty good…..the girls in Zim need guidance in terms of fashion.

  6. Lilieth Henry

    Love your article Liz. Good Job! Great tips!

  7. Angela Joseph

    I totally agree with the “keep it simple” approach. I say stick to two or three colors max! Looking like a rainbow can seriously be distracting especially if your profession is not a circus clown.

    As for the blessing of a great tote bag I say yes, yes, yes, I just received one as a present for christmas, the designer is Christian Audigier, I call it a boho tote because of the stringed leather at the front. However, it holds all my electronic devices, make-up, important documents…just everything. It is a tote and a shoulder bag with adjustable straps. It is my companion and goes well with most of my business attire “The work week tote bag” I call it. Your bag does not need to be the same color of your footwear…my opinion.
    5 stars to this blog…you will attract more business with the above two simple rules shared…

  8. Nadine

    This is soo cool and helpful…. thanks Liz!!

  9. Nadine

    Awaiting your future posts =)

  10. stephanie

    Very nice ! Love the bag tip ;)

  11. Karen

    Great article Liz!!! Great advice!!!! I enjoyed reading it!!!! I’ll definitely remember this great piece of advice!!!

  12. Tanzy

    Great article! And great advice. I’m looking to upgrade my handbag proud of u. Keep me posted so I can keep checking out your articles

  13. Kryss

    These are great tips for beginning fashionistas (like me). You can build an arsenal with a few key pieces, mix and match and look like a bombshell everyday! I will be kicking this into my work looks on the regular!

  14. Luan

    I agree Liz, a quality bag is a good investment! thanks for the advice. cant wait for your next article and info on shoes!! best wishes! x

  15. Marielle

    well said :D

  16. Fabi

    I love this, great article. So effective, I’m convinced, need to get my investment piece. Looking forward to the future articles.

  17. Lina James

    Well done, Sis!

  18. Kara

    Loved the article! Great tips and it’s so true! I’ll remember this!

  19. Miss B

    Loved the article! This definitely something for me. I’m not into over the top fashion but VERY into the simple and chic look. I know I can use these tips for the future :) Keep up the good work Liz.

  20. Elizabeth

    Great article….really appeals to me, keep it simple is my motto cause I can’t afford not to! Being the mother of three active children ranging in ages 2 to 8, my handbag must be the biggest workhorse in my closed (I swear I use it more than my shoes) from baby wipes to lip gloss, my bag does it all.

    Thanks for the tip Liz.

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  22. julian headley

    OMG!!!!!……I’m speechless words cannot explain how I looooooooooooooooooooove this site

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