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elise1 Photographer Elise Romany is what some would call a ‘new’ photographer. After eight years of Arabic and Latin dancing, Elise decided to take up photography in 2009 as a way to continue her artistic expression when she stopped. However, an admirer of photography since childhood, she never considered it to be a ‘new hobby’, but rather a part of who she was creatively.

Despite not having any formal training, Elise’s artistic roots have helped her to cultivate her photographic skills. Like some of the best photographers in the region, she is self-taught and continues to learn by reading books and experimenting with ideas that she comes across, doing everything to push the boundaries of her knowledge and further develop her natural eye for detail.

So, what is it about photography that excites and inspires Elise?

‘Fashion photography usually permits no boundaries and the photographer’s imagination can run rampant on such shoots, which is what I love. I still need to learn a lot about the fashion world on a whole but the model can even become a source of inspiration; their body is the canvas and I am the paint, so we are sure to create something wonderful!’

Elise in action on the CFstyle cover shoot

With regards to pulling off ‘the perfect shoot’, Elise believes that communication is THE major element towards a shoot’s success. In her opinion, much of the tension and stress that can present itself in a photo shoot can be diminished or eliminated once the creative team is in agreement about the theme and the objective of the shoot, which can save time and money as well as maximize on efficiency.

And what are the elements that she believes make a good photographer?

‘A good photographer – in my eyes – is someone who takes the time to perfect their craft, working tirelessly in experimenting during shoots etc. My favourite photographer is Richard Avedon. Before Photoshop ever exist, Avedon created timeless photographs for old Hollywood using his trained expertise and a darkroom – I would love to learn the science of dark room post-production! My favourite local photographers include Mark Gellineau and Laura Ferreira.’

Elise follows the philosophy that viewers of her work should be able to recognize her within them, able to distinguish an Elise Romany photograph within a large group over time. Her future plans include attending the Savannah College of Art and Design this fall as well developing herself as a person of faith and integrity, always thankful for the gift of creativity with which she has been blessed. It is fitting then, that the one thing she wishes to photograph above all else is the phenomenon of the aurora, which she finds both magical and heavenly.

What advice does Elise wish to share with other aspiring photographers?

‘First of all, photography is so much more than holding a camera; it is a delicate art-form which one must naturally have “the eye” for. Secondly, one must be humble enough to learn and grow if they truly want to become an amazing photographer. And finally, don’t be afraid of challenges such as directing, especially when projecting your voice is necessary. Remember that painters paint with brushes but we paint with our mind, our photographic eye and of course, our cameras…’


‘It was an honour for me to shoot CFstyle’s first cover! It was an amazing experience and the creative team and I gelled really nicely, which made for amazing communication and production. The images of Shannon Alonzo were breathtaking so I really hope the public loves it!’

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