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sarah Sarah Sookraj’s love affair with makeup began when she was fourteen years old, having received her first makeup set from her father one Christmas. After gaining experience doing makeup for a number of family members and friends throughout the years, she finally decided to take the plunge and set herself up as a professional makeup artist when being a stay-at-home mum became too monotonous.

She enjoys learning from other professionals in the industry who are willing to push past their competitive nature to pass on their tips and knowledge, and is equally eager to teach others what she knows along the way.

‘I will never pull down another person in order to achieve success. I love what I do, so for me the opportunity to answer a question or share a tip is always anticipated and appreciated.’

Surprisingly, Sarah’s preferred assignments are of a bridal nature, whereas other makeup artists may find this monotonous and limiting to their creative instincts, having to work so specifically to someone’s instructions. However, to Sarah, she loves being a part of one of the most important days in a woman’s life.

‘I love that I am able to make their day a little more special; the transformation goes beyond the physical. The greatest reward is to see a bride glowing with excitement; they seem more confident and reassured at that point.’

Not one to be swayed by brand names, Sarah prefers to judge a product by its quality. She says she could not live without her E.L.F. Mineral Foundation, Wet N Wild Lust Palette and loose pigments from Halener Rustique. She also currently loves Urban Decay and NYX.


On working with others in the beauty industry, Sarah says it is not without its shortcomings and obstacles. As she mentions, every artist is different and clashes in personality and technique are almost guaranteed. She says it is necessary to develop a tough skin when everyone is a critic and your passion is being scrutinized by the general public as well as other professionals.

‘There have been many instances where I’ve thought about leaving this industry for good… The pressure to be perfect and meet high expectations is immensely daunting.  Misery loves company and there are those folks who, while small in number, make it their prerogative to dishearten others.’

Of all Sarah’s musings on the industry, one strikes us the hardest as a testament to the current state of the industry:

The race to survive in a never-ending competition can be tiring, especially when blatant favouritism, nepotism and plain old “mamaguy”-ism gain more employment than actual skill.

At times such as those, this artist chooses to take a moment from the industry to focus on her individual clients and sheer love of creating art. She also finds support and strength from her family and friends, who understand her need to follow her passion for makeup as more than just a job.

Where does she see herself in the future?

‘My future plans include opening my own studio and continuing my makeup enhancement courses. Above all, my main goal is to carve a niche in an industry where artists are a dime a dozen and makeup artistry is viewed as a one-face-fits-all concept.’

I am privileged to live in paradise, to wake up everyday and be surrounded by beauty and colour, from the breathtaking flora and pristine beaches to the fiery sunsets and sun-kissed complexions of our diverse ethnic population.

Here are Sarah’s top tips for flawless makeup, shared with us during the making of the Slave To Fashion cover:

Always start any makeup application with a good primer for face and eyes. This allows the makeup to last longer and adhere to the skin more evenly.
Applying a loose, fine textured powder under the eyes will help catch any unwanted fallout from eye shadow application, which could ruin the foundation.
When doing elaborate designs, it’s best to use a white eye pencil to lightly sketch out the pattern before applying any makeup. This will serve as a guideline for your design and the white pencil is easily blended out.
Don’t attempt to line the eyes in one sweeping motion when applying eyeliner – mistakes are more likely to be made this way. Instead, draw little dots or dashes along the lashline and use these as a guide to create a fluid line by connecting the dots.
Use a lip brush to apply lipstick or gloss, as it helps to control the application. The tip of the brush also acts as a lip-liner, allowing the product to be applied to just the edges of the lips.

On working on the CFstyle cover:

This is one of the most amazing shoots I’ve had the pleasure of doing. I thoroughly enjoyed being allowed the creative freedom and the end result is stunning! The model was professional, the crew easy-going and the concept was breathtaking. The confidence and trust placed in my hands was as touching as it was inspiring!

See Sarah creating the look from start to finish:

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