A Fine Affair

CF Style was front and centre at “A Fine Affair” which was hosted by Sidaico Image Services on March 8th, 2008 at the Ocean Pearl. Just like everyone else in attendance our aim was to learn from the Beautician of Black Beauties; Mr. Sam Fine as he flaunted his skills on the near flawless face of Eva “The Diva” Marcelle. The event was dedicated to the celebration of the female Face, Form and Fashion. A Fine Affair wasn’t simply about female fancies but was just as informative as it was entertaining with a presentation on selecting a bra with comfort, health and hygiene in mind. Boy did we see boobs as some real women with real bodies modeled braziers of varying styles, shapes and functions. The audience was also informed about some of the quacks that call themselves Nail Technicians.

Odale Hill owner and manager of Nails by Odale; Nail Spa and Academy educated the gathering that patrons should always ensure that their technician is certified and that their qualifications are evidenced by a certificate. Also of significance is whether or not the technician uses hospital grade sanitizers to sterilize equipment because whether or not we wish to admit it far too many of us have developed a mystery nail fungus after a visit to the nail tech. A Fine Affair was definitely a fine affair; (yes, pun intended!) It was one of those events that kept you awake in bed just reliving everything that had been taught with the hope that nothing would escape your memory.

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  1. Stacey Codrington

    Thanks for the great review…glad you enjoyed…see you at future events….Stacey Codrington ; Director

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