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  1. shonz

    i love this… i love all these boots… unfortunately i live in a climate where it is cold for 8 months in the year… so i can wear them… but i have always thought how people in the islands would wear them to be fashionable if it is always so hot. i’m sending this to my shoe-a-holic cousin who lives in Trinidad… i’m sure she’d LOVE it!

  2. liz

    Yes, I was one who thought it was ridiculous to wear boots in the Caribbean. I can barely wear them during the New York winter.
    But after reading your thoughtful and well illustrated article, I do agree that peep-toe or mesh can be appropriate, and very stylish.


  3. Barbara Fiorilo

    Like in my country says…”fashion does not bother”….you are free to wear what ever you like… and better if are comfy…
    Some materials do not make you feel warm….or like now, the boots are coming in differents kinds of fabrics.
    we also have a windy winter….. or all the places has a very cold AC…
    Do you think then…we are not allow to wear long pants or suits….we should wear bikinis and flip flops all the time???

  4. CFstyle Editor

    Barbara, of course people are free to wear what they like but many times people follow trends simply because it’s the “in” thing to do, without either the confidence to pull off a certain look or choosing looks that may not flatter their body types in the best possible way. That’s why we’re using articles like these to show alternative ways to work the same styles, feel comfortable and also create your own individual look to suit your mood, body and also be appropriate to the climate you happen to be in!

    Fashion is easy to follow, but remember style comes naturally to some and others need a few extra tips to help look their best!

  5. MissMikelah

    Great post! I often visitt Jamaica and see people where Knee length or Thigh high boots and always say to myself WHY??!!! These are great alternatives. Great Post!

  6. S&V Link Lovin’

    [...] I’ve been to Jamaica and seen women rocking boots, of course it’s so warm in the Caribbean, why would you want to wear boots! Check out this feature on wearing Boots in Caribbean. [...]

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