Mission Catwalk Episode – 3 Recap

by Kemar Daswell

The first two episodes of Mission Catwalk never prepared the audience for what was to come – from the vibrant expressions of Andre Rowe to Andre Shirley’s secret crush on Felicia Drummond. The season is indeed picking up steam.

However, the steam was too hot for one Ms Opal Wisdom - a 28-year-old former PULSE model turned designer and founder of the new and upcoming clothing line Opalescence – who was eliminated and sent packing in the third episode. The steam was also too much for the expressive and flamboyant Andre Rowe, a 21-year-old student of the University of Technology and an active fashion designer who has been showcasing his line at Style Week Jamaica since 2008. His clothing line is called Casa De A’Rowe (House of Andre Rowe).

The season heats up with what is expected to be more interesting challenges as out of thirteen(13) contestants, ten(10) remain, all vying for the top spot as well as a trip to Miami to showcase at Miami International Fashion Week. The producers of the show are tight-lipped as to what is to come in the next episode, so we’ll all have to wait until next week when the mission resumes in finding Jamaica’s hottest upcoming designer.

The following link gives a preview of the previous challenge in case you missed it here,  which shows Andre Rowe being eliminated. As per usual he had a witty comment as to why he was delighted to leave the show.

Mission Catwalk can now be viewed online every Tuesday night at 9:30pm Eastern by going to  http://www.televisionjamaica.com

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