20 Tips to Make Time For Beauty

Life today flows at a breakneck pace. The traffic situation steals away precious time that could be spent taking care of ourselves. But you can take control and make some time for you to look gorgeous no matter how busy you are.

The only time some women seem to take extra care of themselves is during the weeks before their wedding. At this time they are doing facials, nail treatments, or experimenting with make-up.

You also need to look good after your wedding, just because you have that ring on your finger does not mean you should let everything slide!

Remember the better you look, the better you feel and the better you will perform as a woman, a mother, wife or employee.

Take Control Tips

1. If you are a coffee drinker, invest in a coffee maker with a timer. This way you can set your machine to make your coffee at a particular time in the morning from the night before. You will save that five minutes in the morning and have your coffee ready to wake you up in a hurry.

2. Sleep on a satin pillow case or with a satin cap.  This keeps your hair cuticles smooth, so your hair is not so wild and easy to style in the morning.

3. Speed up showering time by cleansing and exfoliating in one step! Slip hands into textured shower gloves, then sud gloves with your favorite moisturizing soap or body wash. The gloves exfoliate while the moisturizing cleansers keep skin soft.

4. Put on your moisturizer and lip balm before you begin drying your skin after your shower. This will give the moisturizers time to absorb before you apply make-up.

5. Place your bare essential makeup in a small cosmetic bag. Once you have your foundation, powder, and other essentials in one place, it will save you from hunting for anything whilst you do your make-up.

6.5-minute make up plan for hectic mornings – Be organized and prepared. You can put on your make up in seven steps: foundation or tinted moisturizer, concealer, powder to set it, blush or bronzer on cheeks, eye shadow in one color over entire lid, mascara, and lipstick.

7.If you have great skin skip the foundation – just hide under eye shadows or minor blemishes with a concealer.

8.Wear neutral lip colour. The perfect shade is one to two tones darker than your natural lips and goes with everything from office wear to evening gowns.

9. If you have combination type skin, save time by using a cream to powder foundation, so get you get your foundation and powder in one easy step.

10.Schedule your next hair, nail, or facial appointment while you are at the salon. Write it in your schedule planner. Save the time and hassle of calling back later.

11.Keep your favorite cuticle cream and hand lotion by your bed. Apply generously every night.

12.File your nails during the kid’s bath or while watching TV.

13.Drink enough water to keep your skin fresh and radiant. Carry a bottle with you throughout the day from the house to car to office.

14.Multitasking skin care – go for one product that does it all in one minute flat. Get a cleanser and toner in one. Then use a moisturizer with built in sunscreen.

15.Too tired to take off your make up at night? Use cleansing towelettes that let you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize in a few swipes.

16.Condition your hair while you exercise. The heat your head generates while you are sweating will give your hair deep conditioning.

17.Buff your nails. A buffing session every other week make tips look healthy and shiny, no polish required.

18.Forego eyeliner. Instead pick up mascara labeled “thickening” or “dramatic.” Apply two coats for a lush look without eyeliner.

19.Put your weekly facial mask to work whilst you are watching your favorite television shows or talking on the phone.

20. Keep your feet looking smooth and moist by applying a thin layer of liquid paraffin each night, and then put on cotton socks for an overnight at-home paraffin treatment!

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