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  1. Kevon Foderingham

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank CF Style for coming out to FRESH London style. I am quite pleased with the review but would like to take this opportunity to clear up a few errors. Firstly at no point in time was it advertised that the production would start at 7pm. The invitations, press and even tickets had event start time 8:00pm and patrons should be seated by 7:30. The event started at 8:20pm, thus only 20 minutes late.

    To any guests who were present at the event and may be reading this review, we do apologize for the breaks in the show, but it was indeed necessary in order to facilitate 7 designers and numerous models. At each of these intervals canapes and drinks were served as per the plan of the show.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out in support of the event, from the sponsors, to the models, to the designers, to the guests. Thank you


    Kevon Foderingham
    Editor-at-Large/ Creative Director
    R.A.S.H. Magazine
    P.O. Bag 1423

  2. Christopher Hunte (Cash)

    Having a voice like CFSTYLE out there is a truth breath fresh air taking in that the caribbean is bursting with events, showings, models and designers. I love the fact that CFstyle gives the masses the chance to share their views and experiences. The R.A.S.H event is one such outlet for the fashion starved out there. Mixing in the wider market with the ” home grown” elements. Good Show guys.

  3. admin

    The RASH event was an intersting event which we enjoyed. The CFSTYLE team desires that in everything that we always hope that things can go better in all the events we attend. We appreciate the comments of Kevon Foderingham and Christopher Hunte and look foward to your support and comments.

  4. Editor Gary

    Nice range of cloths!

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