Meiling Moves – Returns retail to Satchel House

Meiling will be moving her shop soon and this means there will be a closing down sale. There is a new focus to align the designers operations. We received the following press release.

Release – Meiling will soon close the doors to her Kapok shop to give way to a new form of fashion retail:  a momentous transition for the brand, which will then be eclipsed by the opening of the Meiling Studio at 6 Carlos Street, Woodbrook.

For fans and brand associates alike, the move signifies the change and reinvention that have been an integral part of what has kept Meiling – the designer and the brand – relevant as a local fashion entity.  And to commemorate this occasion, a major closing down sale at the Kapok shop will begin on January 19th before the Meiling Studio opens on February 16th, 2011.

“The relationship between personality and garment is very important,” says Meiling. And with the retail aspect of the business so close to its creative epicentre, the move promises increased physical contact between the designer and her customers.  It will provide a more accessible, interactive and intimate fashion experience for customers of the much sought after brand and will allow for greater focus on bespoke creations, for which she has been known to distinguish herself.  Meiling has dressed four (4) generations of some families and continues to maintain that personal touch in her work.

From her initial foray, the local fashion industry has been marching to her unique beat, a beat that again evolves with the New Year.  With the collector’s item fast becoming the hallmark of today’s fashion industry it would be remiss of this country’s top designer to ignore the trend. So, as the designer returns to what was the first fashion house in Woodbrook, and with the global fashion market very much transformed, it is, in earnest, the beginning of the Meiling Complete lifestyle – a direction that will focus heavily on organic promotion and viral marketing.  Following the success of first scent created for her new Meiling Complete collection, the run-up to Valentine’s Day will see Meiling releasing her second home fragrance at high-end retailer The Gallery.  And after Valentine’s Day, the brand’s customers will have an opportunity to express their undying love when she shows the 2011 Carnival Collection.

Along with continuously pushing the fashion and retail envelope, Meiling’s legacy is one that involves, and certainly encourages, an open door to students, artists, emerging designers, models, actors, musicians, et al to get advice, inspiration, and to share ideas.  She remains committed to the art form locally and has placed particular emphasis on collaboration as a means of expanding the brand’s reach as well as its perspective.  Her assiduous pursuit of excellence continues to ensure that she is in the vanguard of the local fashion industry.

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