5 Questions with André Clarke – Winner Caribbean Male Photo Model 2010

1. How long have you been practising your craft?
a) I’ve been modeling for 5 years in total now, but professionally for 3 years.

2. How do you feel about winning the Caribbean Fashion Award in your category?

a) It is truly an honor to win an award such as this, especially when one considers the level of work that the other nominees in my category have done for the year. It feels great!

3. Were you suprised that you won?

a) I definitely was surprised, more so because of how I found out. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the awards because I had another engagement with my band NexCyx. When I was about to hit the stage, I received this massive surge of messages on my bb…needless to say I had a great performance.

4. What’s next for you after this accomplishment?

a) As we speak, I’m actually at the airport heading to Nassau for Islands of the World Fashion Week. Aside from that, I will be considering some branding opportunites that have presented themselves.

5. Is there anybody you would like to thank?

a) I would like to thank all my friends who would have supported me from the beginning in a venture like this. Also I would like to thank all the photographers who worked with me in building my portfolio and the fashion week executives along with the media who gave me a chance to be seen.

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  1. Lea Solomon

    Well Deserved :) Excellent choice!

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