The Madame behind The Divas Plus Evolution

Divas Plus Evolution, formally known as The Sophisticated Divas Plus Inc., was formed in August 2009, the first of its kind to ever hit the Caribbean.

The founder, Ms. Kimberly Marshall, 27, wanted an outlet that would target and cater to plus-sized women in our society, giving them a voice, a medium for expression and a way for them to achieve size acceptance. It is through this drive that this group was born!

Born in the southland, she had a drive to create an avenue for those voluptuous women in our society. She created the tag line “Every BODY is beautiful…Every BODY is a DIVA”. To date, everyone who is a member of the group knows this line!

Every morning she would be the first to  comment on the DIVAS Facebook page with something along the lines of “Good Morning dahlins”, or “Hi sugars” or even “Hi Divas and Gents!” (among others) …to recognize that there are gents who are part of the group! She encourages group discussions, and even starts them herself. She encourages new members to the group to introduce themselves, and whenever there is a “meet and greet”, does the same by encouraging new members to participate.

The group has foresight and a great team of persons is behind her. They are namely in the arena of Communications Diva, Head Promotional Diva, Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing Officers, and even Diva Make-up Artists and a Diva Blogger! As the group continues to grow, these Divas work together to ensure harmony and forward thinking.

Her enthusiasm and eagerness to move the group forward is displayed through the numerous activities she undertakes. By year end 2010, Kimberly has already put plans in place for the launch of the first ever Divas Calendar, complete with full photo shots of the Divas and Gents from various photo shoots all over Trinidad over the year.

The signature hats with pink ribbon, meshed together beautifully with pink, purple and sometimes silver mardi gras beads, complete with the purple or pink tees, is the signature look of a Divas’ member. Kimberly’s favourite colour is purple, and it was only fitting that the group represented something around that. For each event, function, workshop or gathering, the most noticeable purple hats are seen. It is indeed a trademark for this group!

Kimberly believes that all curvaceous women should always be dressed to impress, and as such, the group has partnered with clothing and jewellery stores across the country to foster relationships. The stores were introduced to the Divas discount card, where patrons who have purchased the cards can access discounts. A fabulous idea from a fabulous woman!

Her newest venture, together with all other executives of The Divas Plus Evolution is a fashion show entitled “Fashion Royale”.  It describes an evening of elegance, sophistication, sexiness and sassiness, where two cultures form one goal – Jaspher Knowles of Vintage House, Bahamas launches his plus size clothing line “Drapery” in Trinidad and he meets Christian Boucaud, who will be showcasing her plus size collection 2010… This event takes place this coming Saturday…16th October 2010.

Kimberly is unstoppable at this point. We continue to look out with eager eyes to see what this group of dynamic ladies has to offer!

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