This isn’t me!

Store Attendant: “How about this army green pants suit, the jacket has a unique cut and ought to be very flattering on you and of course it is your size?”

Customer: Nah! I don’t really like the colour; I don’t think its’ me! Now, I have heard that particular phrase leave the mouths of countless women during various shopping expeditions. It is almost as if that particular statement was programmed into what seems to be a very limited vocabulary of the very narrow-minded. In this instance the issue was colour but a number of us women are often guilty of determining and declaring what is “not us” on the basis of our arms’ being too big for sleeveless tops or even going as far to place trendy clothing in its vast entirety out of our reach because one fashion trend may have been an Absolute No No! Don’t get me wrong there are Absolute No Nos for perhaps every woman, but come on ladies lets not knock it till we have tried it.

For instance, in the situation briefly described above; the green coloured suitwhich just was “not her” actually had flecks of yellow in the weave which brought out her hazel eyes. Apart from that; by utilizing accessories in a more “flattering” colour, the suit that simply was “not her,” could become quite flattering and move from “I don’t think its’ me” to “Wow I absolutely love this” status. As for women with big arms who may be conscious of showcasing all that God has given them, why not layer sleeveless tops over basic short, three-quarter or long sleeved tees in appropriate colours.

The alternative being; to wear a shrug or single button cropped jacket over the top. My problem isn’t my arms but my boobs since I have come across many a cute little dress with a boob compartment that just doesn’t fit me. Of course, I just layer appropriately as layering over tees is a lot more casual than donning a shrug over my cocktail dress or even an evening gown. Finally, to those of you who may have given up all hopes of being trendy because one trend may have been out of your reach or may have disappointed you, trends; just like men are a dime a dozen and can become old news just as quickly. So, if you can’t rock skinny jeans ladies, how about oversized bags, bangles or belts. Not to mention, trends last only so long so hang in there with style and dignity and ride the next trend wave.

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