Fashion Caribbean 2010 – Designer Line Up

Fashion Caribbean 2010 will be held this weekend at the Emerald Valley Casino on Saturday August 14th in St. Vincent. Considered as one of the premier fashion events in St. Vincent the line up for the event is interesting. Zadd and Eastman will be showing at a major event for the first time this year and we are looking out to see what new they have in this collection.

The designer line up is : Queen Esther – Kuumba Designs, Kaj Designs, Kimon Baptiste, Kimya Glasgow Designs,  Kavonne Bacchus, Ingrid John- Natural Beats, Zadd and Eastman, Monifa Walker, Deon Paul, Shernicia Mayers, Jenel Charles, Jeremy Payne, Pat Blackman, Pat Blackman, Ecliff Elie, Sofilia Blucher, Facts’N'Roses, Shaun Griffith Perez and Ashley Christmas – Earth Member for Life.

For More information you can see the Official site here

Entitled Fresh Faces we will be introduced to some new talent at this event. Fashion Caribbean will be using a number of “fresh faces” in keeping with the theme: ‘Fresh Faces of Fashion.’

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