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BEAUTY BUZZ: Making It Last

Makeup Artist Renee-Liza shares what Caribbean brides want to know about their makeup “Will it last?” seems to be the question on every bride’s mind. They’re not talking about their relationship however – that’s for different kind of professional to handle; they are talking about their makeup! With our Caribbean skin, that tends to be […]

HELP – What Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

There are tons of makeup brush collections out there and it can get confusing for anyone. There are kabuki-styled brushes, goat-haired, synthetic bristled, eco-friendly types, duo fibre types… the list goes on and on.  I can fully understand the look of utter confusion on some of your faces!   TIPS ON BUYING MAKEUP BRUSHES Quality […]

MIND & BODY by Crysande

MIND & BODY by Crysande

Killer Looks: Is Your Appearance Destroying Your Interview Success?   Do people judge a book by its cover? Like it or not, overwhelming evidence suggests that this is true. Sixty five percent of the total messages sent in a face- to- face encounter are of the non-verbal kind; so in an interview situation, non-verbal cues […]

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